#PickoftheDay: Dent for Coroner 10/3

So much of the upcoming election isn’t only just about getting ousting Trump as POTUS and having to deal with Biden as a result. So many state and local elections that often have a greater effect on the lives of individuals than what happens at the federal level are very crucial in this  election too.

That’s why the likes of a top notch comedy showcase including Roy Wood Jr., Gareth Reynolds, Jackie Kashian, Brandie Posey, Anna Valenzuela, Keith Carey, and Rivers Langley are putting on a live-streamed comedy fundraiser for one Ian Dent and his campaign to become the first transgender coroner in the U.S. Dent is specifically running for County Coroner in Indiana and it’s the sort of change that the U.S. needs on all levels right now.

The fine folks over at Hold The Phone are hosting this event this Saturday at 5PM PT/8PM ET accepting donations throughout the show. Tune in at holdthephone.tv .