Please Enjoy Demi Adejuyigbe’s Mischievous Cupid Music Video for Eric Slick’s “Over It”

In a time where dating and romance have been vastly limited due to lockdown/social distancing/etc., a world where there was a real life Cupid might be nice.

That said, a real life Cupid might be more bent on mischief than one might initially think and the effects of Cupid arrow might be a little more fleeting than in the fairy tales. That’s how comedy multi-hyphenate Demi Adejuyigbe imagines his version of Cupid for the music video for Eric Slick’s latest single “Over It” (that just happens to include so many fun comedy folks including Ayo Edebiri, Lou Wilson, Kate Comer, Natalie Morales, Mike Cabellon, Ify Nwadiwe, Gabriel Gundacker, Mia Vicino, Ben Cahn, Addie Weyrich, and Nick Kocher).

Though the video takes place in a world that isn’t going through a pandemic, the end of the video feels pretty cathartic for everything we’re going through right now. Please enjoy it here.

Video produced by Liz Maupin
Camera: Ed Ballart and Valentina Vee