Pick of the Day: Wowee Flower Hour with David Gborie and Giulia Rozzi (Live-stream) Wednesdays

We’re in the thick of January, and, from the looks of it, still in the thick of the Omicron wave of COVID-19. That means that there’s still very little live comedy, comparatively, to go to right at this moment.

You ought to, dare we say, tune into a new weekly live-stream with a duo comprised of two superb comedians, David Gborie and Giulia Rozzi? Truly, Gborie and Rozzi could talk about almost anything (Gborie has more than proven this on All Fantasy Everything and watch Rozzi’s stand-up for proof on her end) and make thoroughly funny and engaging.

Their cannabis-centric comedy live-stream variety hour called the Wowee Flower Hour will not only have them humorously showing the benefits of weed can add to your daily life, but they’ll have such fantastic guests as Open Mike Eagle and The Dank Duchess.

Get a dank taste of what’s to come, presented by the cannabis focused community, Wowee, here.

You can catch the Wowee Flower Hour LIVE on Wednesdays at 1PM PT/4PM ET on Wowee’s YouTube and Twitch.