Please Enjoy Courtney Pauroso’s It’s Been a Really Hard Year

There’s no way to know the extent of effects of this historic time of the COVID-19 pandemic right now (especially since we’re still in the thick of it all). Given that entirety of the world went through, there are literally billions of experiences that humanity went through over the last year and change. Rampant infection/death and economic devastation are some of the more obvious, colossal things.

However, the journey of individual folks is undoubtedly makes for the sorts of stories that will be passed down for generations, written in short stories, shared at the Moth, and be common ground to talk to strangers at a bar for several years to come.

Case in point: Comedian/clown/actress Courtney Pauroso’s experience in quarantine is something to behold. Just see for yourself in this “candid video” here.