Our Favorite Harvard Alumnus Conan O’Brien Gives Commencement Speech for Harvard Class of 2020

Of the many distinguished folks that have graduated from Harvard University, Conan O’Brien stands tall, literally and figuratively, as one of Harvard’s best alumni. The late night legend was President of the Harvard Lampoon while he attended, a very obvious foreshadowing of where he was headed in the future.

So, with all of this in mind with what is undoubtedly the strangest year to graduate from anything, Harvard tapped O’Brien to put together a commencement speech, which was equal parts ridiculous, heartfelt, and inspiring. It’s very clear that Conan got to pretty much do whatever he wanted with his allotted time and it was clearly all for the best.

Watch Conan O’Brien’s Harvard 2020 Commencement Speech here.