Conan Will Start Taping Episodes at Largo at the Coronet Theatre (Though with No Audience and Remote Guests)

It has been months since late night hosts have taped an episode of their show from an actual stage. Kimmel, Colbert, and Meyers have done their best to gussy up their homes and Samantha Bee has just been doing her show from the woods. John Oliver is utilizing a giant blank white wall in his home and Hasan Minhaj has been going entirely with a virtual background, which isn’t too far from an actual episode of Patriot Act.

However, Conan O’Brien is going to break new ground yet again (he was pretty on the ball about doing bits while sheltered at home during the start of quarantine) as he will begin taping episodes of Conan for TBS from the long standing, revered comedy and music venue, Largo at the Coronet Theatre. They’ll be maintaining all safety protocol along government and industry regulations along with not having a live audience and bringing in guests for interviews remotely over Zoom. Limited crew and staff will be present.

This is a very noteworthy move as Conan will not only be back on stage once again to do Conan, but this will undoubtedly keep Largo’s doors open since they’ve had to go dark this entire time during lockdown with no idea (especially with the re-closing of dine-in restaurants in LA county) of when they would get to reopen and do so safely.

Also, in addition to Conan taping at Largo, the monthly Team Coco show, Moses Storm & Friends will do a Twitch live-stream at The Coronet as well starting July 9th. Again, there will be no audience present, but you will get to see live comedy from one of the most rustic looking auditorium in all of Los Angeles.