Conan Has a Nemesis In His Cardboard Audience at Largo

Late night is still experimenting with how to account for the fact that they can’t have a live audience like they used to. Most are still going without any sort of crowd even though they’re returning to their stage. Bill Maher is having limited, distanced audience.

Always one for a bit when there’s even the slightest chance for one, Conan O’Brien has opted to pack Largo, where he has been taping for weeks now, with cardboard cut outs of ardent Team Coco fans. Of course, Conan made sure, with complete control over how this audience could look, made sure to have one cut out of a very clearly dissatisfied person in the crowd.

Even during a pandemic, Conan’s brand of sly daftness can’t be held down. Please enjoy here and brighten your day a bit.