Pick of the Day: Any Comedy Show That’s Supporting Abortion Funds/Orgs/Resources/Access

The recently leaked draft opinion from the United States Supreme Court that points to the overturning of Roe vs. Wade has been a startling and horrifying discovery for a right that we had only thought was enshrined as sacred just a few months ago. SCOTUS hasn’t actually made anything officially official as of yet, especially with the outrage over the leaked opinion itself, but abortion and pro choice activists and organizations are mobilizing for the worst (i.e. their original plan).

Subsequently, there are many comedy shows right now and in the very near future like the upcoming Bro vs. Wade @ The Bell House or Zippy @ YARD Theater that are either giving partial proceeds to various abortion funds or orgs that fight for abortion access like Abortion Front.

In fact, there are so many shows (and more to come) that have opted to support abortion access that it’d be easier to just check our listings to see what comedy show you want to see, per usual, and then go check their ticket link/socials to see if they’ll be supporting reproductive rights for the latest edition of their shows. We’ll do our best to update the info, but there are truly so many shows that are furthering their resolve on the right side of history that it might take a minute or two for us to catch up.