Comedy Gives Back Launched BIPOC COVID-19 Stand Up Relief Fund for February

Comedy Gives Back started early on in the pandemic with giving relief to comedians that were and would continue to be out of work. In fact, they did a gigantic 8 hour live-stream marathon to raise money for said relief fund.

While that was a big chunk of money that got spread out, they’re still very much on a mission to support comedians out of work in this time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically for the month of February, Comedy Gives Back is dedicated to issuing 400 BIPOC specific COVID-19 Stand Up Relief Grants. They actually popped into our weekly Office Hours on Clubhouse and said that there’s still plenty of free money from this fund to be given out if you qualify (i.e. you’re a BIPOC comedian and made money doing stand-up comedy above a certain threshold).

You can apply for this grant or, if you’re a saint of comedy, donate to the relief fund here. Note that you can apply for this grant even if you have received relief from their general fund.