Pick of the Day: Comedy Central Stand Up Featuring Taping (in NYC) 10/5

Comedy Central is doing its latest round of exclusive tapings for their digital stand-up showcases, which is the most consistent stand-up comedy endeavor from the comedy channel these days. Also, it has been nice to see that these recent tapings have seen comics getting to play fast and loose rather than stick strictly to a set list.

The 2023 NYC Comedy Central Stand-up Featuring will have two tapings at NYC’s beloved Cutting Room on Thurs. Oct. 5th. Per usual, tapings are free to attend so long as you RSVP (do so here).

Slated to perform are choice picks out of the NYC comedy scene:

6:30PM: Ayanna Dookie, Sam Morrison, Chinedu Unaka, Homles, Randall Otis, Lucas Zelnick & Kate Sisk

9PM: Tommy Brennan, Grace Kuhlenschmidt, Usama Siddiquee, Mark Smalls, Mav Viola, Asha Ward, Ethan Simmons-Patterson, & Eagle Witt

Again, RSVP here before it fills up! FYI, there is an open bar an hour prior to the show!