Yep, We Started a Podcast: The Comedy Bureau Field Report (a Podcast About Comedy News and Nothing Else)

Yes, we know that almost everyone went out and started a podcast while stuck in self-isolation and we’d like to state, for the record, that we were going to do that back in the “before times” when only kind of a lot of people were doing that.

Anyhow, This is The Comedy Bureau Field Report, (brought to you by Bleav Podcasts) a neatly packaged rundown of comedy news that’ll be less than a half hour (ok, this first one is over half an hour-give us a break) and definitely be about comedy only with TCB’s very own founder and director Jake Kroeger.

This first episode features guest co-host (we’re going to have a lot of those) Ian Abramson who has pulled off doing a version of SNL all by himself, two weeks in a row, called Saturday Night Quarantine on Twitch. We talk about the weird times comedy is living in as well as what’s new and wonderful that you should add to your daily binge list while hunkered down and even what might lie ahead for the future of comedy when things start coming back (whatever that ends up meaning).

Listen, subscribe, 5 stars, etc. here.Artwork by Andrew Delman and KT
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