Pick of the Day: Comedians You Should Know 5/16

One of the vanguards for stand-up comedy of the Chicago stand-up scene is and has been the renowned showcase Comedians You Should Know. In fact, it started expanding across the country due to its notoriety a few years ago.

This Saturday, May 16th, CYSK is making a return, via live-stream of course with a round-up of Chicago’s best along with great comedians from around the country (as they always have–it’s just a little easier to do that now with live-streaming).

Slated for this first live-stream edition of CYSK is:

Mike Lebovitz (HBO)

Carmen Lagala (Colbert)

David Drake (Camp)

Saurin Choksi (Brown Privilege)

Jeff Steinbrunner (CYSK)

Don’t miss this Chicago comedy gem and RSVP for the show (they’re accepting donations FYI) and then tune in at 4PM PT/7PM ET/6PM CT with link that will be sent to you.