Here’s a List of Local Comedians That Really Need Financial Support Because of COVID-19 Pandemic

In addition to great comedy livestream benefits that are happening like Comedy Quarantine and King Lear From Home or a GoFundMe for venue staff at Lyric Hyperion, a Google Doc has been assembled for comedians and comedy folks in LA that are financially affected the most as nearly all live, in-person entertainment has effectively shuddered for the coming weeks.

Per the doc:

What is this: Comedians rely on live performances to make their living, and many comedians are losing or canceling paid work due to covid-19 and CDC recommendations. There are other ways to support your favorite comedians – many of them have merch, albums, or skills that can be booked that don’t require seeing them in person (notes on scripts, graphic design, etc!).

See, share, potentially join in on (NOTE: Please use your best judgment when including your needs on this document; if you have a full-time job with benefits and are not losing financial income, this might not be the document for you) the Alternate Income for Comedians! here: