Pick of the Day: Playspace, The Clown Open Mic @ The Elysian (in LA) Thurs. Starting 3/17

While stand-up open mics are fully back (and have been back for more than a minute now), the open mics for other disciplines in comedy haven’t gotten a chance to return to the world of the living as quickly.

Thankfully, that dynamic is starting to change and there are starting to be improv jams and the like again. Starting next week, there will be an open mic specifically for the clown community where they can try all of their interactive, partially strategized bits that have been part of some of the most fun things we’ve seen in comedy over the last few years.

Called Playspace, it’ll be at the Elysian every Thursday with doors/sign-up at 4:30PM PT and the mic starting on 5PM PT with aspiring clowns Will Duncan, Rachel Ho, and Paul Schlesinger hosting. Clowns, solo show performers, and ensembles welcome (though, again, it’s explicitly not a stand-up open mic). There’s no need to purchase or buy anything and you can follow @__playspace__ on IG to keep up to date.

Keep in mind that The Elysian still required proof of vaccination and masks indoors.