Pick of the Day: “Close Calls” Near-Death Stories LIVE Taping (in NYC) 8/4

Remember when I Survived was the one of the most talked about shows and our current obsession with true crime had only just gotten started? T’was such an innocent time compared to now where people wanted to be captivated about stories of the living, despite the world around them doing everything it can to have them die earlier than they would have liked.

For our money, those stories are still pretty astounding and given a pretty tried and true formula of “fascinating story” + comedy = splendid podcast, NYC comedians Kevin Casey White and Lizzy Cassidy have essentially made a comedy version of I Survived with their podcast Close Calls, which actually makes stories of surviving natural disasters, freak accidents, murderers, and more a more manageable level of terrifying (and all the more entertaining).

They’ll be doing a special live version so you can share in the gasps and guffaws together with a crowd at Brooklyn’s The Gutter this Fri. Aug. 4th at 8PM. Tickets are only $10 and you really ought to go get them here, have yourself a great start to this weekend, and, perhaps, gain a new appreciation for living.