Please Enjoy Christina Catherine Martinez’s Adult White Lady Version of The Little Girl Crying About Lockdown

Earlier this week, there was a home video of a little child crying about all the her favorite places that’s closed because of renewed lockdown orders that have arrived around the globe.

The video went viral and, as if often the case with viral videos, there will be plenty of parodies popping up all around the Internet. Christina Catherine Martinez, who does have a knack for parodying niche characters (her taking the stage as Jean Luc Godard pitching a Paddington the Bear sequel still has us busting up several months after we saw it), did her own version of the tear filled rant, but done as a privileged white lady (at the behest of comedian Marcella Arguello).

The attention to nuance, detail, and performance are stellar and, most importantly, we keep laughing heartily every time we watch it. Please enjoy it here.