Christina Catherine Martinez Will Be Shooting Her First Comedy Special at End of November (and Yes, It Will Be in an Empty Gallery)

Normally, when we’d announce someone taping a special, we’d also be hipping you to some sort of exclusive date that you could attend said taping and give you a link to where you could buy tickets or RSVP for seats. As we are far, far, far away from normal times, you best bet that any attempt a doing a comedy special will involve an entire reimagining of the whole concept.

Leave it to one of the most imaginative voices in comedy right now, Christina Catherine Martinez, to dream up a way to her very first comedy special while LA county will be in some sort of lockdown for some time to come. Thanks to HRLA and Actual Size and their Time Space Money Artists in Residence, Martinez will have an empty art gallery at her disposal to put together a special that will, we’d imagine, clash the literary, art, and comedy worlds together in a truly beautiful and silly way.

HRLA notes about this artists in residence program, “Our physical space will not be open to the public during this period; we will however, share a range of projects online and some work will be viewable from the sidewalk outside Actual Size. We are deeply grateful to Actual Size for sharing their space with these artists.”

Whether it’s bits of it online or from the street as it’s being made or later when it’s a completed special, you should keep tabs on Christina to see whatever she has plotted for this hour.