Pick of the Day: Christina Catherine Martinez in Residence (in LA) Tuesdays in March

The summation of her art critic background, penchant for the sublimely absurd in clowning, and her whimsical, class-struggle-informed stand-up is just a bit of why we love and, consequently, write so much about the absolutely splendid Christina Catherine Martinez here at TCB (and elsewhere).

We just got a sneak preview of her upcoming special How To Bake a Cake in the Digital Age and, yet again, was astounded at how cleverly she was defying the form of a comedy special, but still very much getting the jokes out. That’s all to say that is truly something special to see Christina take the stage in any form, no matter what she’s doing/has up her very fashionable sleeves.

So, you should probably go to every one of her residency dates at The Elysian coming next month in March. Christina will be workshopping new performances every Tuesday at the-new-place-to-be in LA comedy at 9PM PT. Tickets are only $12, meaning it would only be $48 for all four shows. Go get tickets to all of them right now right here.