Chris Gethard Presents Is Continuing Their Marathon Livestream on Twitch

In the ongoing quest of finding things to do during these weird times, might we suggest something that you haven’t look to yet because you’ve probably spent a lot of time binging on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney Plus, Amazon Prime etc. etc.

A few months back Chris Gethard returned to his public access TV roots to highlight his favorite comedians and also give them a platform to make a show the way they want with Chris Gethard Presents. They’ve already featured such wondrous talents from all around NYC as Sam Taggart & Max Wittert, Megan Stalter, Mary Houlihan, Monroe Martin, Christi Chiello.

You can watch clips over at their YouTube channel OR you could watch the full episodes as they were intended to be watched during an ongoing (even as we typed this out and posted this) marathon over at Twitch. They’ve got episodes streaming back-to-back throughout all hours of the days today and tomorrow (and maybe even more).