NBC Developing Immigrant Family Comedy Based on Chris Garcia’s Life

(via Deadline)

The story of Chris Garcia and his Cuban immigrant family is one of the more compelling stories we’ve heard in our time watching stand-up comedy here at TCB. Garcia’s bit wherein he impersonates his dad roasting him as a response to any of Chris’ jokes is indeed one of his best (as you can see here).

Additionally, Chris got acclaim from his limited series podcast Scattered that followed the journey of trying to honor his late father’s wishes by spreading his ashes in Cuba.

It’s thus great news to hear that Chris is going to be developing a comedy based on the story of his family and his life at NBC (along with Mr. Iglesias creator Kevin Hench). Unlike many sitcoms based on the lives of comedians, this series, thus far, won’t follow Chris as a comedian, but rather see him in his younger years when he was in love with poetry. We can’t wait to see what Garcia and Hench work up.

With that in mind, we sincerely hope it gets a series green light in the very not so distant future.