Chris Garcia Shares His Experience Performing Stand-Up via Live-Stream with LA Times

By this point, you have had to dip into at least one comedy live-stream somewhere just to, if nothing else, satisfy your curiosity as to what comedy is right now, will be for some weeks to come, and what will undoubtedly have an undeniable effect on live comedy going forward.

It’s a strange sight to see comedians in their homes, apartments, parts of apartments that they live in and perform stand-up, often while seated, to any number of live-streaming platforms. Yet, despite the lack of a live audience (unless you’re doing/watching it on Zoom), live comedy can indeed work in this unprecedented set-up, especially when almost everyone could use a break from the non-stop news about COVID-19.

To this point, the LA Times sat down, remotely, with Chris Garcia (one of our absolute local favorites and one of the hosts of LA comedy scene staple, The Business) to interview him about how he’s making performing comedy in such strange way really work for him. Watch the interview here.