Pick of the Day: Chatterbox Comedy Night-Return of (near LA) 12/26

Leading up to lockdown, one of LA’s very best shows was actually a bit of a trip from Los Angeles proper. In the humble streets of Covina, since 2010, The Chatterbox has housed a beloved weekly show (and weekly open mic) that was heralded so much for its energy and vibe that it was worth the drive from WeHo/Silverlake/DTLA/Highland Park to 943 N. Citrus Ave.

Simply called Chatterbox Comedy Night, a packed crowd assembled with only a bit of promotion just after 9PM like clock work on Sunday nights to see some of the best line-ups that the Greater LA Area, thanks to Steve Hernandez, had to offer (as well as a showcase worthy up and comers).

Thankfully, The Chatterbox itself survived and the open mic has already made its return and, as of Sun. Dec. 26th, the marquee Sunday show will be returning to its long held time slot. Proof of vaccination and masks (when not drinking) will be required.

Plan accordingly after whatever you’re doing for Christmas so you can make it out there for what will very likely the best, last shows of 2021.