Pick of the Day: A Cartoon Monzoom Hallowoon 10/30

As Halloween week proceeds and you’re very likely (and should be) staying at home and not going to some secret, big gathering, there’s still great, Halloween themed live-streamed comedy shows for you check out.

One that’s happening this Friday will be a lovely and spooky combination of original cartoons, mischievous bits, and a top notch line-up of comedians from all around the country including Mary Houlihan, Steve DeSiena, Joe Rumrill, Sarah Squirm, Nori Reed, Eudora Peterson, Alex Winfrey, Felipe Di Poi Tomargo, Max Wittert and Joe Castle Baker, Angel Yau, Joe Klein. Toons, Halloween, and comedy together should hopefully be enough to escape from thinking about the much scarier day after Halloween of Nov. 3rd.

Best of all, it’s free to stream via Brooklyn Comedy Collective’s channel on the TVCO’s app. Get more details about A Cartoon Monzoom Hallowoon on 10/30 here.