Pick of the Day: Cameron Esposito 4/29

All the way back to the time when The Daily Show was being handed off from Jon Stewart, it was unclear who was going to be his successor. During that time, we firmly believed that, if she were up for it, Cameron Esposito would be a perfect person to take the Daily Show baton from Stewart. Esposito’s charm, warmth, poise, and keen, razor sharp observations is the perfect combo that we’d like to see on our screens on a nightly basis.

So, anytime there’s a chance to see her headline, we don’t think you should pass it up. Lucky for you, Cameron is doing her own headlining gig with her latest hour, Separately, via Zoom this Wed. Apr. 29th at 5PM PT/8PM ET. She’s taking donations for admission to the Zoom live-stream that will go to Cameron, Nori Reed (Cameron’s opener for the night), and the beloved Dynasty Typewriter at the Hayworth Theater. Get more details on the show/donations here.