Pick of the Day: Cameron Esposito Works Out (in LA) 7/13

Since Cameron Esposito moved to LA several years ago via Chicago, they’ve been one of our favorite folks to watch and, for our money, a crucial voice in comedy at large. Her unflinching vulnerability and masterful storytelling and joke writing stick with us any time we see them on stage. When it comes to the pressing issues of our time, Cameron is one of the first comedians that we really want to hear weigh in.

Thus, if you have a chance to see Cameron do an hour of stand-up, please take it immediately. For LA folks, you’re in luck as they’re working out a new hour, hence Cameron Esposito Works Out, at Largo at the Coronet Theatre next week on Jul. 8th at 8:30PM PT. Tickets are $46 (including fees) and you can (and very much should) go get your tickets here.