Please Enjoy Caleb Hearon’s Recounting Being Perfectly Roasted by a Child

The fact that Caleb Hearon doesn’t have any sort of album or special is borderline criminal. Hearon is one of the sharpest comics on stage these days and if you haven’t gone and seen him yet, that is also borderline criminal. Hearon has a polish and panache and a sensibility balanced between acerbic and aspirational. Again, go see him take the mic wherever you can, even if it’s out of your way.

For now, in this moment, you’ll have to settle with Hearon’s Comedy Central Featuring set that just dropped today. It’s just a taste of Hearon’s comedy stylings, but it’s a great one that has the story of being comedically skewered by a student of his (ironic considering Hearon’s own roasting skills in his youth)

Watch and see Caleb Hearon’s set here.