Pick of the Day: Burning Clown: A One Hour Festival (in LA) 9/24

Burning Man is over, done and dusted, but that doesn’t mean the spirit of it has faded (even if you couldn’t even afford it or have enough outrageous attire for you to appropriately go). Certainly, the clowns of the LA comedy scene revel in the wild and ethereal energy that Burning Man provides and want to keep it going (though there’s no official affiliation between the playa and clowning).

Thus, they’re having Burning Clown, a one hour clown comedy festival, coming to the Pack Theater @ The Broadwater this Sunday. The humor, light, and vulnerability of Jet Eveleth, Il Fungo, Freak Nature Puppets, Jill and Geri, and Cole Saleh will be on display starting at 7:50PM on Sun. Sept. 24th and go for an hour (and hopefully realign your vision of the world).

Tickets are only $7.50 and you can (and very much should) go get them here.