Pick of the Day: Brew Haha (in LA) 4/8

Very, very few comedy shows in LA, or anywhere for that matter, threw down party-wise quite like Brew Haha. The hybrid stand-up/drinking game game show put on a house show of the likes that you would largely only see in coming-of-age comedies. It would get so packed that folks would ascend to a rooftop if there was no space down below to watch the show.

Having the audience drink every time that one of the best of the LA comedy scene would say a certain thing during their set turned out to be one of the most successful alt comedy formats in the last several years.

All that said, Brew Haha is returning for their first in-person show in years this Friday, Apr. 8th at 8PM PT at Hollywood’s Thymele Arts. Tickets are only $10 and you really ought to get tickets before it sells out here.