Please Enjoy the Very Delightful Pilot of “Birdgirl”

Birdgirl, the new spin-off to Harvey Birdman, officially kicked off as Adult Swim’s latest series and it arrived as a spunky and very welcome addition to the list of things to keep an eye while still in lockdown.

Whether you’re a fan/acquainted with Harvey Birdman or not, Birdgirl leading the charge to save the world, but also doubling as the CEO of Sebben & Sebben is a splendid, over-the-top, yet subversive and timely adult animated action/adventure series. Paget Brewster‘s Birdgirl is undeniably charming as is the supporting cast of Rob Delaney, Kether Donohue, John Doman, Negin Farsad, Tony Hale, and Lorelei Ramirez. There’s also just a lovely tinge of heart to the show, at least from this pilot that you can stream on YouTube at your convenience, that is part of doing a 2021 spin-off of the entertainingly absurd Harvey Birdman.

Go see it all for yourself in Birdgirl’s pilot here, then look for new episodes to air on Adult Swim on Sundays at midnight.