Bill Murray to Sell His One of a Kind Bill Murray Stories as NFTs

(via THR)

While the questions of how NFTs will become a long term new revenue stream for artists and performers has yet to be figured out, the current fluid nature of a non-fungible token allows it to be a cornucopia of things that can be used and exchanged in a myriad of ways. Nothing is set in stone yet allowing for folks like comedy legend Bill Murray to reimagine how they could be used.

In Murray’s case, he is going to use NFTs to be the vehicle for the plethora of carpe-diem-driven stories that Murray has amassed over the decades. Specifically, the NFT sold will have a Bill Murray story “minted” with it and will thus be unique to that NFT and tied to the blockchain as well. So, in this particular instance, it would seem the NFT is the actual item that you’re buying as opposed to operating more like a certificate of authenticity.

Murray’s stories, which don’t seem to be too far off from the sort of lives lead by various characters played by Bill Murray in Wes Anderson movies, are the sort of unique property that might lend itself pretty well to an all digital exchange (especially if you’re someone who hasn’t run into Murray at a bar, minor league baseball game, poetry night, or a taxi cab that he happens to be driving within your life time).

As to how this will go and will it be applicable for, perhaps, bits of an exclusive hour of comedy, we can only hope that we find out sooner rather than later.