Pick of the Day: The Big One (in LA) 7/2

The grand tradition of house shows in LA is alive and well and ever burgeoning. There’s a whole crop of Chicago comics that just moved to the fair city of Los Angeles and are already getting a house show going in an increasingly hip part of town, Highland Park.

Called The Big One, it is set to happen the first Friday of the month (and hopefully not accompanying “the big one” earthquake?) and the inaugural show is set for Fri. Jul. 2nd at 7PM PT thanks to Meg Indurti, Molly Kearney, Carly Kane, and Broderick Baumann. Their first line-up will that includes lots of folks from the Paris of the Midwest that have made their home West including Holmes Holmes, Will Miles, and Sarah Squirm.

Tickets are $15. Address will be provided upon purchase. Go get ’em here.