Bento Box Entertainment Expanding to Australia with Princess Bento Studio

Bento Box Entertainment has established firmly in the animation world with being the folks behind animating Bob’s Burgers. They have so many other titles under their belt including Paradise PD, Brickleberry, and Bordertown and it is thus exciting to see them expanding to have a dedicated studio in Australia in partnership with Princess Pictures.

Called Princess Bento Studio, this new Australian animation house will be facilitating animation production for projects for Australian and U.S. audiences (as well as viewers all across the globe). Comedy from Australia has been making its way more and more over the last several years, the latest delightful export being Aunty Donna and the prospect of more adult animated programs coming from the Aussies is very, very enticing.

So, keep an eye, as we will be doing, on what’s to come down the line from Princess Bento.