Pick of the Day: Ben Wasserman: Live After Death (in NYC) 3/26

Death, even now, is still a strange, somewhat impenetrable topic to talk about in everyday conversation in America. While other cultures celebrate its relation to life and that, in some cases, is thought more of as a part of an infinite cycle, many of us think of it as something that’s inevitable and, in its inevitability, terrifying.

Comedy, from time to time, does what it does best and brings levity and illumination to the matter of dying whether it be doing a comedy show in Hollywood Forever Cemetery or Sean White doing an excellent entire concept album about losing a good majority of his family (on top of getting divorced) in a very small window of time.

Coming up soon, Ben Wasserman, a cherished, wild NYC multi-disciplinary comedian, is taking another step forward and mixing up death with comedy with his new solo show, Live After Death. Not only will be a show dedicated and inspired to the passing of several people he was close to within 3 years, but it’ll be a mix of stand-up, crowd work, and clowning, and it’ll be performed at an actual funeral home (Comedy Is Dead @ Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever can’t even claim that).

Wasserman will be performing Live After Death in the perfect setting, specifically at Sparrow: A Contemporary Funeral Home in Brooklyn with Devon Walker doing an opening set on Sat. Mar. 26th at 8:30PM ET. Tickets for what is sure to be an unforgettable, cathartic show are only $10 right now (and $15 at the door). We highly suggest you snag your tickets right now.

*poster by Zaq McCollum