Pick of the Day: Tribute: An Evening of Barbara Streisand Songs Sung By Comedians (in LA) 11/12

Though Barbara Streisand is probably known by many these days as a touchstone American singer, Streisand had many of her first breakthroughs in comedy films including the hysterical What’s Up, Doc?

So, perhaps, the idea of a tribute to the songs of Barbara Streisand by comedians isn’t so farfetched?

Tribute is going to dive in head first with that notion as Danny Jolles, Kira Soltanovich, Eric Hahn, Chase Bernstein, and Jamie Pierce will be singing the songs of Barbara Streisand (and, we’re pretty sure, have something to say both about Barbara and the idea of earnestly(?) singing Barbara songs at a comedy club). The show itself will be a monthly honoring, brought to you by Eric Hahn, of recording artist legends, FYI.

Maybe this will kick off a trend of Barbara songs being sung at karaoke across LA?

In any case, this Streisand edition of Tribute is set for Fri. Nov. 12th at 7:30PM PT at The Hollywood Improv Lab on Melrose. Tickets are $12 and you can (and should) go get them here.