Please Get and Enjoy Barbara Gray’s Fantastic Debut Album “If I Did It”

Barbara Gray has been a favorite of ours for so long here in LA seeing her play almost every spot we can possibly imagine in town. Gray’s unapologetic love for the absurd and also her very own, very personal truth makes for sets that had us howling with laughter for years. This debut album, If I Did It, most certainly captures Barbara’s wild playfulness on stage and her candor in such a pitch perfect way.

Recorded in Salt Lake City, Barbara takes everyone on a rollicking ride through this hour and is so present that it almost feels like you’re there to witness her marvelous blend of vulnerability and silliness (ex. there’s a great bit of narration that’s not unlike one for a nature documentary for a very specific ‘humping the stool’ bit).

With live comedy seeming to coming back around the country and being on the precipice of summer, Barbara’s If I Did It might be the perfect album for this very moment with how it jolts us to the wonder of just how damn fun live comedy can be.

So, please go get/listen to If I Did It now, fresh off the presses from AST Records.