Ziwe Fumudoh’s Latest “Baited” Interview with Caroline Calloway Is Hysterical, Wild, and Crucial

Part of the work that is supposed to be done right now in dismantling white supremacy is having conversations that show every bit of it in all of its forms whether it be a small wrinkle of it or an outlandish mess.

That’s part of what Ziwe Fumudoh‘s weekly Instagram live-stream Baited (that stems from a show that she did in the past) accomplishes as she interviews non-black allies about their engagement and commitment to racial equity. Ziwe does an exquisite job in keeping the tension throughout every interview, never letting up on hilariously challenging the views of her guests at every turn, making for some great, often cringe-worthy, unsure answers from self-identified allies.

This latest edition of Baited illustrates this magnificently with guest, Caroline Calloway, a noted influencer and self-admitted controversial one to boot. Their conversation was the perfect crystallization of the moment that we’re having right now in America and across the globe. We are all reckoning with all of our unconscious biases and continuing to potentially put our foot in our mouths as we start to become more aware of said biases. These growing pains are showcased throughout their entire conversation, proving how necessary they are, and, if anything, a reflection of how much more of the work that needs to be done. Calloway seems to put herself as a sacrificial lamb for white guilt, almost knowing that she’s going to slip up before hand, which, for what is supposed to be a satirically comedic interview, makes for something explosive and almost unbelievable.

We’ll let the interview (embedded in 5 parts below) do the rest of the talking as we don’t want to spoil the shock you might justifiably have if you haven’t seen it. Also, tune in every Thursday to Baited @ziwef at 8PM PT/5PM ET on Instagram to catch what might very well may be the most important comedy live-stream of 2020.