Pick of the Day: OHAYO! From Inside a Monster with Atsuko Okatsuka (Live-stream) 8/30

We were so excited to see a TV version of Let’s Go Atsuko: A Woke Japanese Game Show with Atsuko Okatsuka, but it would seem that COVID-19 has put that on hold like it has pretty much everything on this planet.

Fret not as Atsuko has been plenty busy in quarantine. She has kept Let’s Go Atsuko going in a podcast/web cast format AND she has started a new variety show OHAYO! that will have a live-stream debut this weekend via Dynasty Typewriter. It would be just enough to have Okatsuka to helm the show and have a fine round-up of variety acts, but Atsuko has taken it a fun-loving step further by having broadcasting and hosting the show while in the belly of a furry monster. That is the sort of absurdist break from reality we need while we’re are actually stuck in our houses from plenty of real monsters of viruses, systemic oppression, climate change, etc.

This first OHAYO! this Sun. Aug. 30th at 6PM PT/9PM ET will have a damn good line-up of Yassir Lester, Frankie Quinones, Aparna Nancherla, Frankie Quiñones, Chelsea Peretti, and Ever Mainard.

Tickets are only $5 and you can (and very much should) get them here.