Just a Slightly Bit More Mystery Is Revealed with Latest Atlanta Season 3 Trailer

From top to bottom, every fiber of Donald Glover’s Atlanta seems unique unto itself. There’s almost no other non-anthology series in the history in television that switches things up with characters, arcs, tone, narratives, etc. as much as the award winning Atlanta. Part of the thrill of watching any episode is truly not knowing what it going to happen as no single episode is a blueprint for another and we can only hope that Glover’s defiance of the long held trappings of genre inspires a whole new generation of television.

Still, we’re overwhelmingly curious what lies in store for Earn, Paper Boi, Earn, Darius, and Van as they leave Atlanta for the first time for Paper Boi’s European tour. This latest trailer for this third season gives us a little window into what sort of chaos the four get into. Though, don’t be surprised if this season goes so far beyond whatever you see here.

It’s pretty clear that they’ll show how black people are still othered in Europe and not just in America and do a wonderful job satirically putting that on display.