Help Get “Astronomy Club” a Second Season and Sign This Petition

Established and celebrated all black comedy sketch group Astronomy Club got to make an entire TV series at Netflix year under their banner. This first season of Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show was one of the best runs of sketch comedy in 2019 with a balance of silly cleverness and succinct satire. In our opinion, especially as it made our 100 Best of 2019 list, it was definitely a show that easily deserved a second season.

Yet, as you might know, Netflix cancelled the series after said first season, almost unceremoniously at the beginning of the month, amidst the weeks of protests led by Black Lives Matter. You’ve heard the call to lift and amplify melanated voices. So, there’s a chance to do so by signing a petition for bringing back Astronomy Club for a second season at Netflix or elsewhere.

On top of all the petitions that you’re probably signing right now, we kindly ask if you add this one to your “to sign list” and help truly promote inclusion of BIPOC voices and bring back one of the best sketch series from last year.