Pick of the Day: Asian Comedy Festival: Industry Panel 5/23

As this is indeed AAPI Heritage Month and there very much still is a surge of anti-Asian hate crimes and, despite the vastness and diversity of the Asian identity, the AAPI identity has been vastly underrepresented no matter what month it is, it might behoove you to get the specific AAPI perspective on things.

The upcoming Asian Comedy Festival has put together a very special panel that will dive into what the winding road of Asian Amerian/Pacific Islander comedy folks working in TV is really like.

For this particular discussion, they’ll be virtually assembling:

Mike Cabellon (Mr. Mayor)
Alex Song-Xia (Rick and Morty)
Mark Kramer (Last Week Tonight)
Nik Dodani (Dear Evan Hansen)
Rekha Shankar (Animaniacs)
Sachi Ezura (VP of Adult Animation, ViacomCBS)
Moderator: Otter Lee (Tooning Out the News)

The Asian Comedy Festival Industry Panel is set to go live on Sun. May 23rd at 5PM PT/8PM ET via Bonfire Live. Tickets are only $5 and you very, very much should go get them here.