There’s an Andy Kaufman Documentary in the Works

(via THR)

Of the figures in comedy history that are the most intriguing, the mysteries behind Andy Kaufman, both on stage and off, endure in a way that will probably forever fuel curiosity and inspiration. Noted for being one of comedy’s most innovative disruptors (or disruptive innovators depending on your opinion of Andy’s work and career), Kaufman helped usher in the sort of experimentation in performance in comedy that influences entire generations of comedy to this day.

As a person who ushered in a style of comedy that made fun of comedy, pranked audiences that were expecting a certain style of comedy, or went completely off the rails in a totally unprecedented way, you’d think that we’d have several Kaufman documentaries at this point. There is Man on the Moon and the the doc Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond, but now there will be a full-length feature doc from Alex Braverman & Morgan Neville that will dive into the life, times, and art of someone who had a career than spanned Taxi to the mythos of the entity known as Tony Clifton. There are no details for what exactly they’ll cover or when to expect the doc to release, but rest assured that will be antsy even for just a trailer.

Maybe, just maybe, this doc will reinvigorate/reboot The Andy Kaufman Award, what used to be one of our favorite distinctions in comedy.