Andy Daly Is Coming Out With a New Album “Four More Sweaters: Monsters Take Your Questions”

When it comes to doing characters in comedy, Andy Daly is one of the best around not only committing to his well-fleshed out, hilariously disturbed characters, but truly inhabiting them and their version of reality. Daly really paints a portrait with their observations, intentions, and personas that are so darkly funny. 2008 saw the release of his seminal album Nine Sweaters from AST Records featuring many of his best characters doing extended, hysterical monologues.

Announced yesterday, Daly will be coming out with his second album, a follow-up appropriately titled Four More Sweaters: Monsters Take Your Questions that, based on the wondrous album art, features the likes of such Daly classic characters (that you might have heard on Comedy Bang! Bang! over the years) as Dalton Wilcox and Don Dimello. Perhaps, they’ll be talking to the crowd on the album given its title.

It has been well over a decade since Nine Sweaters and we sincerely can’t wait to see what Andy has up the sixteen sleeves of this particular part of his character cache. Look for Four More Sweaters: Monsters Take Your Questions to be released digitally on Fri. Apr. 24th from AST Records.