Get and Enjoy Amy Miller’s Sophomore Album “California King”

So much of the last few years has been defined by disruption. Nothing is as it was and everything violently changed in just a handful of days over two years ago. Now, there is so much dust still settling (and, not to mention, droplets) as we’re rolling through 2022 with dread, apathy, and a yearning for some sort of relief or peace.

Amy Miller who was already on the way to having a banner year from 2019 leading into 2020 picked up right where she left off with both half hour Comedy Central special and, especially, her debut album, California King. Ever clever and going-the-extra-mile to be inclusive, Amy delivers an hour of comedy that’s a calming breeze of joy and a fun cocktail that has a stiff pour of your spirit of choice. California King captures not only a return of live, in-person comedy as we all are forced to navigate the most unprecedented times in all of our lives (we didn’t even know that Russia was going to invade Ukraine at the time of the recording), but such a exuberant reminder that we’re not alone, no matter how alone we all felt in the last two years (or 6 or 12 if you’ve been carrying stress from the housing market crash or Trump becoming POTUS).

Please get and enjoy a splendid sophomore hour, California King, from the funniest people that you should really get to know more on these days, Amy Miller, now available on streaming platforms and CD and vinyl.