#Pick of the Day: Amuse Bouche (in LA) 12/2

The notion of taste is so crucial when it comes to comedy. Of all the art forms out there, it might be the most subjective and an exacting palate is the best way to hone in what might very well be the funniest thing to you. Obviously, the same goes with food.

Thus, Amuse Bouche brings the two worlds together by combining refined comedy with delectable delights. Karl Hess, Melody, and CleftClips were just getting this off the ground the year before COVID-19 hit and were so thrilled that it’s back and that good folks can gather together to savor fine artisanal jokes and splendid offerings from many of LA’s best chefs.

This time around, you’ll be served comedy from Dana Gould, Chris Garcia, and Blair Socci, music from Jo La Tengo, and then food from Malli, Little Fish as well as a selection of natural wines by Melody.

As far as sensory experiences go, you’ll be hard pressed to find something better on Thurs. Dec. 2nd at 7PM PT with this edition of Amuse Bouche. Tickets are $40 (that includes the meal, though drinks sold separately).

This show usually sells out pretty quick, so get your tickets here. Proof of vaccination obviously required.