Amber Ruffin and Larry Wilmore Are Getting Their Own Weekly Late Night Shows on Peacock

As part of Peacock’s programming announcement yesterday, Peacock will expand on NBC’s late night offerings of Late Night with Seth Meyers and The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon with another duo, exclusively for their streaming service, Peacock.

Amber Ruffin, one of the Internet’s favorite parts of Late Night with Seth Meyers, is getting her very own weekly late night show, giving her take on the news with The Amber Ruffin Show. Also, Larry Wilmore will get to take top billing as a host once again (after his tenure at The Nightly Show at Comedy Central ended in 2016) and have his yet-to-be-titled show focus more on conversation about pressing topics with high profile guests (i.e. the most intriguing part of The Nightly Show). This move by Peacock does make late night a little more diverse with two less slots occupied by cis-straight-white-men.

The pairing of Wilmore and Ruffin for the late night offerings at Peacock might be a good call. Both late night series are set to premiere in September and will undoubtedly be thrown immediately into late night’s mandatory coverage of the 2020 Election. We can’t wait to see what they’ll be bringing to the late night table that will set them apart.