Please Get and Enjoy Amber Preston’s Terrific Album “Sparkly Parts”

The arrival of comedy albums recorded in the before times (you know with audiences gathering in tight spaces to laugh communally) keeps being a very welcome and very nostalgic break to the reality that we’re faced with and have been faced with over the last couple of months.

Amber Preston’s brand new album Sparkly Parts that was just released last week is one such delightful vacation from reality. Preston’s pristine Midwestern accent and persona disguises her worldly experience throughout the record. The contrast between the two just makes her keen comedic observations all the sweeter and unmistakably charming (even if they get a little risqué here or there). There’s a homespun feeling to it all, but Preston’s astute writing and craftsmanship really serve up a thoroughly satisfying hour (especially with how she closes it all on such a good punchline).

So, go get Amber Preston‘s Sparkly Parts as it’s available now for download from Stand Up! Records.