Pick of the Day: Alison Leiby: Oh God, An Hour About Abortion 9/28

Given the truly surreal rolling back of reproductive rights as of late, we’d like to highlight the very funny Alison Leiby‘s whole hour on abortion that is so wonderfully named, Alison Leiby: Oh God, An Hour About Abortion.

The unfortunate narratives that anti-abortion advocates push seem to deny the humanity of EVERYONE involved when it comes to a pregnancy (not to mention the agency that women inherently deserve over their own bodies). Leiby’s hour gives you a humor fringed window into what a real person goes through when it comes to considering abortion.

She has been doing one-off performances here and there around NYC and her very next date is set for Tues. Sept. 28th at Caveat at 9:30PM ET. Tickets are only $15 right now and we highly urge you to go get your tickets right now here.