Pick of the Day: Alice Hamilton Taping (in LA) 12/8

We are grateful that for a good portion of 2021 that we’ve gotten to actually watch enough good ol’ live, in-person comedy that we’ve had a chance to see and discover comedy folks that we haven’t had a chance to ever see. It should come as no surprise, but that’s one of absolute favorite things to do and part of the reason why we watch several hours of live comedy every night of the week.

One of the folks that we delightfully came across this year was Alice Hamilton. Whether it was an overly hip taco spot or the rooftop lounge of a chic hotel, we enjoyed Alice’s very sharp writing and unshakeable presence on stage. Thankfully, more and more folks are seeing what we’re seeing around town and Alice gets up quite a bit.

With that in mind, Alice is doing a taping this Wednesday at 8:30PM PT at the Fourth Wall Comedy Cafe in Thai Town where you can see her do an extended set (which is always such a rare thing in town). She’ll be joined by Miranda Meadows and JP Puthenveetil opening the show, which will be FREE.

Don’t miss this chance to see Alice’s marvelous comedy stylings (especially since space is limited). RSVP here.