Adult Swim Has an Open Call for Live LA Open Mic (That Will Happen When It’s Safe To Do So)

It’s not often that some a network like Adult Swim has an open call for open mic, but, as you are more than well aware of at this point, 2020 is far from any sort of normal that any of us have known.

Performances at this mic will be taped as part of a special project with beloved LA comedy staple Megan Koester and will only do so with ALL NECESSARY COVID-safe protocol AND when it’s SAFE to do so (i.e. that date is TBD–but maybe, maybe sometime in January). Still, when that date comes, you can do a tight three minutes if you’re in the LA area and relive the former “glory” that is imbued in all comedy open mics.

If interested, you can fill out this form here.