Pick of the Day: Adam Cayton Holland: Happy Place (in NYC) 4/9

At this current point in time, even though the pandemic isn’t over, it does seem like we are now legitimately picking up where we left off in March 2020 and as we’re nearing the actual two year mark of when lockdown happened, we’re reminded of all the great things that came to a screeching halt around then.

The brilliant Adam Cayton-Holland was on the path of touring his solo show loosely based off his critically acclaimed tragi-comic memoir, Tragedy Plus Time, resulting in a beautiful, funny, and heart-wrenching hour. Now, on this side of the pandemic, we have no doubt that there’s even more to the show that will be timely and so cathartic, especially as the themes of “suicide, mental illness, stand-up comedy and Nancy Kerrigan,” have become prevalent in our lives in 2022 (Kerrigan comes to mind because of the Winter Olympics happening right now).

Adam will be bringing his Happy Place show back to Brooklyn’s Union Hall on Sat. Apr. 9th at 7:30PM ET. Tickets are only $15 and you best not miss your chance to watch Cayton-Holland’s most arresting and affecting work to date. Get tickets here.